Wednesday, December 10, 2014


It's been a tough and emotional road the past 7 month but I would like to announce that me and my husband will be expecting another beautiful baby girl! We are so blessed to be able to give Madison a baby sister!

We had a lot of complication with this pregnancy though, I knew right from the start the day I was pregnant. From all day sickness to always feeling nauseous, being pregnant is not something I enjoy.
At 16 weeks, I experienced one of the worst day of my life. I was bleeding for a few weeks so when it was time to go do my checkup, I knew something wasn't right. EVERYTHING was going wrong that day. Couldn't even get into the doctors to see what was wrong with me because of insurance issues. I was feeling so stressed and tired from all the crampings and pain in my stomach, not to add I still work full time, picked Madison up from daycare after, bathed her, played with her, took care of her, while still cooking and cleaning and taking care of the house. I remember just breaking down and crying because I was so upset I couldn't get in after weeks of scheduling this appointment. Tried calling my insurance but they gave us the runaround, it was soooo frustrating. I just wanted to leave that hospital because they were just wasting my time. Never again will I be ever seeing any health professional in Conroe, TX and I will never use Humana as my health plan provider.

After leaving, we decided to just go to the ER in The Woodlands because I knew this wasn't normal symptoms I was experiencing. After all the exams and ultrasounds they performed which felt like hours after hours, they came back into the room to tell me I was already 2cm dilated and they had to perform an emergency cerclage ASAP. A cerclage in short terms is basically a surgical procedure where they stich my cervix close so baby doesn't fall out or I go into early labor. The moment the dr told me this I just starting crying and immediately asked if the baby was ok. I felt so guilty thinking it would of been my fault if there was anything wrong with the baby. I was so stupid to think maybe my bleeding and cramping was normal and this would just pass. I was working and doing more than what a pregnancy lady was suppose to do because I needed to help support my husband and be a full time mom also. The ultrasound test came back showing baby was healthy and was developing normally so that was a big relief. We knew I had to do the cerclage in order to save our baby's life.
They then had me transferred to the main hospital where they were going to do the surgery the next morning which meant we had to spend a night without Madison. I don't know what I was more upset about, the surgery part or being away from our baby. But I knew what I had to do. We spent as much time with her in the room before I had to go into surgery.

The surgery went well but I was put on bed rest for 2 weeks after to make sure there was no pressure being put on my cervix and we needed it to heal. I was probably in bed for 4 days but I had to get up, there was no way I could relax with a toddler and stuff needed to be done around the house. It was the strangest feeling from working full time to staying home, I felt more stressed being a SAHM than working. I felt like I had more responsibility with having to do more errands and the worst part was being financially dependent on my husband.

Times are a little tougher now with the unexpected happening but I know I am blessed with another baby. I have to stay strong for her.

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